Capture Agents

SWITCHcast video management system supports different capture agents.

Currently, following cature agents are capable to upload recordings automatically:

  • Extron SMP 315 or SMP 352 
  • NCast Hydra
  • SWITCHcast Recorder Version 7.x

For configuration purpose please contact us at

Furhtermore there are lots of other capture agents, which can record single or dual videos. Unfortunately the  communication to our server is not implemented yet and a automatic upload is not possible. However you can use them and upload the recordings via our web interface.

  • Epiphan Pearl
  • Any other source e.g. digital camera, mobile phone

To record a video you only need a standard digital (video-) camera which is able to create a video file. Make sure that you also record a good audio signal, or attach an external microphone to the camera.

You can even use a mobile phone or a tablet, although it is recommended to consider some dedicated video devices for high quality recordings. 

Occassionally you can also receive video files from other sources, eg. as a collection of files from a prerecorded event or via email or cloud service from a distant collaborator. Such files can also be uploaded to the video servers of SWITCH.