Technical Requirements

The following components are necessary if you want to record a lecture using the SWITCHcast Recorder software.

If you have specific questions or like to have a already composed recording set, give us a call or write us an email.


  • Apple Mac computer with at least  Intel Core i5 and 4GB RAM
  • Firewire (H)DV, USB or HDMI cameras are supported. HDMI cameras needs additional conversion box, e.g HDMI2USB3 ( or INOGENI (
    If you need help just contact our helpdesk.
  • Microphone or other audio source, e.g. line out signal from your local hi-fi rack
  • Epiphan device to capture the slides from another computer (e.g. the presenter's laptop). 
    We recommend the epiphan product DVI2USB 3.0


Optional equipment

You can extend your hardware setup with the following components:

  • Video mixer for multiple camera support
  • VGA switcher for multiple presenter laptop support
  • Scan converter to record analog video sources (Composite and S-Video signals). Read more.


  • Allow enough time for the initial setup and make several tests before the real event/lecture takes place to get familiar with the product
  • Keep enough free space on your harddisk drive.