Edit Mode

The Edit Mode is used to edit categories, labels and scales. To enter the Edit mode, check Edit mode.

Remember that categories can be either public or private. To edit public categories, select the tab Public. To edit private categories, select the tab Mine. Please note that only supervisors can edit public categories.

Edit Categories

  • To create a new category, press on the  button in tab Public or tab Mine
  • To edit the name of the newly created category, the input field displaying the name can be used
  • To set the color for a category, press on the  button of the category and select the color in the color chooser
  • To assign a scale to all labels of a category, press on the  button and then select a scale
  • To delete an existing category, press on the  button of the category to be deleted

Edit Labels

  • To create a new label in an existing category, press on  Create a label
  • To edit the abbreviation and the name of the label, the input fields displaying them can be used
  • To delete an existing label, press on the  button of the label to be deleted