How to connect to PWLAN

This guide is also applicable to SWITCHconnect classic, except that commercial hostspots are not available for this service.

Step 1: Connect to the wireless network

To connect to a PWLAN hotspot, first connect to the wireless network. The PWLAN hotspots are alwys unencrypted. PWLAN hotspots are named:

  • At universities: public-<university-name> (eg. public-ethz or public-unil)
  • At commercial hotspots: Monzoon or wlan@thenet
Step 2: Start your VPN client

After you have connected to the wireless network, you will be asked to login on a website. Do not enter any credentials or klick on any link!

Instead, simply start your VPN client and connect to your university, as you would when accessing university resources at home.

You are now connected to your university and can use the resources as well as the internet access of your university.