Adobe Connect Version 10 - (almost) no more Flash!

SWITCH is running Adobe Connect for over 10 years and our hardware - even though already second generation - it is kind of outdated and we decided to start over with Version 10 of Adobe Connect. You can use it here:

We've installed Version 10.6, which allows participant to join meetings in the Browser with no Flash installed. This version however still needs a little Flash, for example if you want to share your screen. 

Please see this list with Version and Features for more information. We were advised to not install Version 10.8 as it has bugs.

We are currently planning the upgrade from 10 to 11. 

No migration

There will be no migration between the 9.x and the 10.x Version (but there will be a migration from 10.x to 11.x).

If you have data or recordings on the old - Version 9 - instance  that you want to keep or re-use, you can already start to move data to to the new platform by downloading and re-upload them to he new server. You can't move the recordings. You can download them (make offline) and put them somewhere online (for example SWITCHtube). There is however no automatic process to move your data or recordings.

The old instance will be kept running as long as possible but will turned off end of December 2021 latest. We will turn it off earlier, if it is not accessible anymore, because of missing Flash support.

If you have questions, please contact