Tips & Tricks

Set your name

When you enter a SWITCH Online Meeting for the first time, the other participants see you as "Fellow Jister". To change this click on the chat bubble at the bottom left and you will be asked for a name. On a computer you can also click on your video image to change the name.

The name will be saved in a cookie and as long as you use the same browser, you don't have to re-do it.

The list of participants provides clarity

Know who you talk to. You can always get an overview of the participants of your meeting. Just click on the people icon in the upper middle of the screen and you will get a list of the people in the meeting room.
If someone joins anonymously, ask him or her to introduce themselves.
Extra tip: The list of participants also includes the speaking time of each person.

Control audio and video

Check your audio (mute/unmute?) and video (on/off?) settings, especially when you start or join a meeting.

Double check before you screen share

Check twice before you share your screen. Make sure that you chose the right application and that you are not displaying anything you don’t want to display.

A password protects

To make sure that only invited participants can enter the meeting room, you can set a password. Keep in mind: The meeting rooms are volatile, i.e. the password is only valid once you open the meeting and expires once you close it.

Host? Chair the meeting properly

As host of the meeting you take over the moderation.

  • Keep track of the participants and ask those who joined anonymously to introduce themselves.
  • If there is disturbing background noise, advise to mute the microphone.
  • Set a password for the meeting.

Have a look at your background

Take a look behind you and be aware of what the participants see. Any sensitive information on sticky notes? Or private pictures? You can use the beta feature of SWITCH Online Meeting to blur your background. But it is CPU intensive and might have influence of your computers performance.

Choose a special name

A meeting room is created as soon as you assign a name and activate the link generated on it. But there can only be one! Choose the name of your room so individually that it cannot be easily confused or quickly guessed.

Example: vs.

Good to know and remember: The rooms are volatile

The meeting rooms on are volatile. They only exist for the time they are used. A password only becomes valid when you open the meeting room and it expires immediately when you close it. The same applies to the name you choose to create the room.