SWITCHtoolbox decommissioning

as of 30th of June 2020

In 2015, the new financing principles for SWITCH services were formulated and the SWITCH Strategy 2020 was sharpened and adopted by the Foundation's Governing. The strategy provides, among other things, that the service SWITCHtoolbox is decommissioned.

Having a similar (although not identical) scope of collaboration, SWITCHdrive meanwhile offers functionalities that also support working in virtual teams - such as collaborative document editing (OnlyOffice), custom groups or lightweight versioning.

This page should give some advice how to replace some of the functionality of SWITCHtoolbox.

Unfortunately we can not offer the full functionality of SWITCHtoolbox after its end of life. But we have some ideas and hints how you could organise your collaborative work after SWITCHtoolbox.

Most of the solutions include SWITCHdrive which is our Sync and Share solution that also involves some collaborative features. Your institution needs to be subscribed to SWITCHdrive but most institutions are.

What happens to the data?

As a group administrator you can request the data as .ZIP file from the following tools:

  • Dokuwiki
  • LetoDMS
  • Mailing List Archive

Please send a mail to toolbox-support@switch.ch and state group and tool(s) you want the data from.

General remarks about SWITCHdrive

If you organise your work on SWITCHdrive, all the members of a group should have a SWITCHdrive account to have the best experience. There is however the possibility to just send out public links to guests.

But if those guests will work closer with you, they might need a voucher to get a proper SWITCHdrive account so they can synchronise their work with the SWITCHdrive client.

Group management

You can create custom groups in SWITCHdrive and use them to share folders and files. This makes especially sense if you have to share multpile folders and files with the same group of people again and again. 

The other approach is to make a folder and share it with all the people you want to collaborate with and put all the material in that folder. And when you have a change in your group, just add/remove those persons from that folder.

File Storage (LetoDMS) replacement

This is an easy one as SWITCHdrive is all about saving files and share them. Just use SWITCHdrive to replace the File Storage Tool.

Wiki replacement

We do not have a real replacement tool for the wiki. But we suggest you just create a Word document. And with the OnlyOffice capability, you can easily collaboratively work on the same document in your browser. However we are fully aware that spreading a Word document is not the same as publishing a Wiki.

Maillinglist replacement

There is no real replacement for the mailinglist. The idea we came up with is a simple text file in the shared SWITCHdrive folder where you can store the email addresses of the members of the group.

If you do it in the following format

Jean Jacquet <jean.jacquet@institution.ch>
Hans Hauser <hans.hauser@institution.ch>

you can simply copy & paste these email addresses into your email.

Discourse replacement

We are sorry, there is no replacement for discoure. 

SWITCHinteract and SWITCHcast

These two services continue to run, just without the group functionality. But you can use them as usual if your institution has subscribed to them.