Available Tools

DokuWiki Logo DokuWiki

Write text together with your group members. You can create a mini-site with as many text pages you need. Images and other media content can be added too.

The group is a private place. Only group members can read and write in your group wiki.

LetoDMS Logo LetoDMS

Upload, organize and download any type of files files in a place shared with other members of your group.

The group is a private place. Only members of a group can see and access the files in LetoDMS.

Sympa Logo Sympa Mailinglist

Send a email to all members of a group. Send the email to the address
with any email program, and the message will be distributed to all group members.

Only members of a group can send an email to the mailing list. The sender address must be the email address of a group member, so there is no risk of getting spam messages through sympa.

SWITCHinteract Logo SWITCHinteract

SWITCHinteract is based on Adobe Connect - an easy and reliable solution for online meetings, for working together with others and for webinars and e-learning. Learn more about SWITCHinteract.

SWITCHcast Logo SWITCHcast

This sophisticated video management system from SWITCH means that students no longer need complain about missed lectures. And for lecturers, in turn, it offers a unique opportunity to follow new approaches to teaching.