How to use SWITCHdrive instead of SWITCHtoolbox

Instructions and best practices how to use a SWITCHdrive folder as a replacment for SWITCHtoolbox. 

Please read also the End of Life Help for more information.


  1. The group owner must have a SWITCHdrive account and some free quota to host the files. If the quota is low, the local SWITCHdrive Admin can provide you with a higher quota.

  2. It is recommended that group members who want to contribute heavily to the project should also use their SWITCHdrive account. When they install the SWITCHdrive Desktop Client they can keep all the project files perfectly in sync in the background without opening a web browser (and also when a web connection is briefly not available).

  3. Group members who mostly want to read documents and occasionally want to contribute can also use the public link to the SWITCHdrive folder to access the documents of the group in a web-browser.

How to start

  1. Open the SWITCHdrive Web Client and go to a subfolder in which you would like to create the Toolbox folder, eg. in “/Projects”. It is recommended to create the group folder inside a subfolder of your switchdrive folder to keep the main folder "clean".
  2. Create a new folder and name it accordingly (for example “Toolbox-GroupA”) 
  1. Click on the Plus Icon behind the folder name and create a new excel file called “Members”. Fill in the names and email addresses of the group members and if they have switchdrive or not. When in doubt leave this cell empty.
  2. Create new Folders inside this folder as needed for the project. Add instructions to the group members in the document “HowToUse.docx”.
  3. Share the Toolbox Folder to the group members by clicking on the share icon behind the folder name.

 Depending if the members have a switchdrive account or not, you have two options.

5.1 If the members have indicated that they have SWITCHdrive, then enter their names into the share-user textbox (see red arrow in picture above). They will receive a direct share to this group folder in their switchdrive account.

5.2 If the members have no access to SWITCHdrive, or don’t know if they have access to SWITCHdrive, then create a public link of the group folder and set the permission to “Download / View / Upload”. 

The public link to this folder looks like this (copied from the clipboard):

Copy the link of your group folder and send it by email to all users who have not received the direct switchdrive share of the group folder (5.1).