Video conferencing with SWITCHvideoconf


SWITCHvideoconf will be discontinued by the end of January 2021. Please use instead or ask your institution what kind of videoconferencing software they offer. 


SWITCHvideoconf is based on the Vidyo installation at CERN. CERN hosts and manages Vidyo for SWITCH, while SWITCH provides access to SWITCHvideoconf via SWITCHaai and/or SWITCH edu-ID.

When using SWITCHvideoconf for the first time, you receive your own personal, permanent, virtual meeting room, for which you are responsible. Your personal meeting room is identified by its extension.

According to the service conditions of SWITCHvideoconf, you are bound to protect your room with a PIN and lock it after each session.


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