Calling-out an H.323/SIP device from the SWITCHvideoconf control webportal

There's more than way of doing this.

First, you may want to just try and call the other device from within your desktop client.

If you have already entered your room and you want to add a H.323/SIP device to your personal, permanent virtual room, you first make sure that the participants panel is visible (button #1 in the picture below) and that your audio is un-muted.



Participants list

You can then push button #5 in the picture on the left, which can also be used to search for contacts and then enter IP addres or SIP identificator right into the field which appears.

If you click on it, you can then invite the device. If it's an MCU that accepts normal DTMF tones, you can then proceed using the DTMF dialpad (button #8 in the picture on the left; make sure your audio is un-muted!).



Alternatively, you can also go to the control meeting web page (see the bottom of the page). There you press the button "1" (see picture below) in order to add a participant.


Enter the coordinates of the remote device in the field:



then press "invite".

Note that you have the following options:

  1. Enter the IPv4 address for the device.
  2. Enter the IPv4 address, prefixed with "21" in order to enforce standard resolution instead of HD.

 After that, press the "add participant" button on the right side of the bar: