Participate as a guest

You are called a guest participant as soon as you enter someone else's personal virtual meeting room.

Guest participants normally receive an invitation from the host of the meeting by e-mail: If it's the first time they are using their computer, tablet or smartphone, they then prepare their device by downloading and eventually installing the appropriate client software or app:

  1. For computers where you have admin rights, the appropriate programme can be downloaded from the SWITCHvideoconf portal. You will then have full functionality through your desktop client programme. The alternatives below give you restricted functionality, though.
  2. For computers where you haven't admin rights, use the link in the invitation and follow these steps.
  3. For iPads, the appropriate app can be downloaded from the App Store.
  4. For Android, search for VidyoMobile in the Google Play Store, and follow the installation process.

You then use the information in the meeting invitation in order to enter the meeting. If your device allows you to click on the link in the invitation, simply do that while the programme or app is running.