Protect your room with a PIN

When using SWITCHvideoconf, you get assigned your own personal virtual meeting room, which is associated to your SWITCHaai account. As written in the terms of use, as a registered user, you are responsible to prevent illegal use of your room. To do so, you must lock your room when you are not using it and protect it with a PIN code, which you should change regularly, preferably after each meeting.

Here is what your room may look like, depending on whether it's open, locked or protected by a PIN:


Click on the padlock to unlock your room, then click on join.



or button 3 on your moderation control:



and set a PIN for your personal permanent virtual meeting room by pushing button 9:



or button 7 in your moderation control:







<-- In this menu you find the appropriate field to define the new room PIN.