Unexpected behaviour

Client software not running

If the portal says:

Then you

  1. May have to get your VidyoDesktop client software and start it.
  2. May have to read the instruction in your invitation, if you got one from the host of the conference you are trying to connect to.
  3. May want to try and log in again.

 The good news is that if you reach this point, you have already successfully registered to the service!



Checklist in case the audio doesn't work:

Try the following:

  1. Check with all the participants: restrict the further search to the ones having the problem.
  2. If they can't hear you, they may have muted their audio output.
  3. If you can't hear them, they may have muted their audio input.
  4. Muting can be done on various levels, e.g. system level or client software level. Check them all.
  5. Check whether the volume levels indicate activity or not. The volume level shows up when you press the little arrows just above the buttons # 8 or 9 in the picture below.
  6. Restart your client software
  7. Contact the helpdesk (+41 44 268 15 04).



Can I use the Vidyo desktop client as a H.323 endpoint?

Q: I'm invited to join a conference, and I have got the connection details of the MCU where the conference takes place. Can I use the Vidyo desktop client directly?

A: Yes. Simply proceed as described in "Calling someone from your Vidyo desktop client".




DTMF tones don't work


(DTMF tones may be needed to enter commands to remote MCUs)

Hint: Check whether your microphone is muted.

Explanation: DTMF tones are sent through the audio channel. Muting the microphone actually means muting the audio channel.




Connection problems

If you experience unexpected session termination, jerky leaps, etc., then you may want to check with the firewall administrator at your campus that the appropriate ports be open for the common Vidyo routers.

If this still doesn't help, you may want to inform our helpdesk about this issue.



I need more than 20 participants

The system is configured to support up to 20 participants per conference. If you need more, in particular for online lecturing, you may want to use SWITCHinteract instead.



How to use SWITCHvideoconf with Windows 10 as a guest?

Windows 10 has a built-in browser called Edge which does not allow plugins, which prohibits the use of the Vidyo web client. In this case we recommend to choose one of the following workarounds:

  • Install some other browser, e.g. Firefox or Chrome and open the invitation link with this browser.
  • Download and install the Vidyo desktop client, start it and then open the invitation link with any browser (including Edge).
  • If you are not authorised to install software on your device, use some other device.




The desktop client doesn't log in after successful log in on the web portal

If you log in on the Web Portal, then normally the desktop client changes its view.

If it doesn't, please retry, maybe even with another browser.



How do I integrate skype for business aka Lync?

Currently we have no means to do that. Here is the reasoning.