During the introduction and migration phase from opencast to Kaltura, the videos are migrated as desired

  • migrated from opencast to Kaltura
  • migrated from SWITCHtube to Kaltura

After the migration, all videos are available on both opencast, SWITCHtube and Kaltura.

After an organization has migrated, the videos are 'archived' on the migrated platforms.

This means that users:

  • can no longer add, edit or delete anything on opencast or SWITCHtube
  • can still view channels, videos and other content
  • on SWITCHtube, information will appear at the top of the page explaining that their organization has been migrated to another video platform and inviting them to go there instead
  • the information or other instructions for uploading videos or requesting permission to create channels is no longer displayed
  • administrators cannot access the management interface.