Technical Requirements

The following components are necessary if you want to record a lecture using the SWITCHcast Recorder software.

If you have specific questions or like to have a already composed recording set, give us a call or write us an email.


  • Apple Mac computer with at least  Intel Core i5 and 4GB RAM
  • HDMI cameras needs additional conversion box, e.g HDMI2USB3 ( or INOGENI (
  • Microphone or other audio source, e.g. line out signal from your local hi-fi rack
  • Epiphan device to capture the slides from another computer (e.g. the presenter's laptop). 
    We recommend the epiphan product DVI2USB 3.0



  • Allow enough time for the initial setup and make several tests before the real event/lecture takes place to get familiar with the product
  • Keep enough free space on your harddisk drive.