How to use SWITCHfilesender

SWITCHfilesender is a secure means of sending large files. However, it is not suitable for storing large files, since the files are deleted after 20 days by default but it can be extended to 60 days. If you want to save large files in the cloud, we recommend SWITCHdrive

To log in, please select your institution from the list of Identity Providers (IdPs). If it’s not on the list or you can’t login successfully, please inform your local IT service. 

The maximum possible file size for uploads is shown in the top right-hand corner on SWITCHfilesender.

As regards the technical requirements for using Filesender, there are two possibilities:

  • with a modern browser, you can send files up to 300 GB

You can resume an interrupted upload simply by resending the same file. Make sure the document still has the same name so that SWITCHfilesender can recognise it again. Once the upload starts, you should see the progress bar jump to the position where the previous upload stopped and continue from there.

If you’ve made changes to the document in the meantime, you must rename it. This will ensure that a new upload takes place and all of your changes are sent correctly.

You only need a modern browser, you do not require Adobe Flash or HTML5 to download.

  • Maximum number of e-mail recipients: 50 e-mail addresses (separated by commas or semi-colons)
  • Maximum file size for uploads with HTML5: 300 GB
  • Maximum storage period for files: 60 days (default is 20 days)
  • Maximum validity period for invitation vouchers: 20 days

SWITCHfilesender is free of charge.

Yes. People from participating institutions can send a voucher to “externals”. Each voucher allows the recipient to use SWITCHfilesender once.