How do I connect to eduroam?

All students and staff of participating organisations can use eduroam, consult the list of participants to find out if your organisation is a part of the eduroam federation.

There are different ways how eduroam can be installed and configured on a device, depending on the operating system (Windows, Android, iOS). The correct approach is typically documented by your organisation, please consult these instructions first. The following instructions should therefore be considered as a general guidance only and might not work for everybody.

Option 1 - Install an eduroam profile using the geteduroam app

Works for

  • Android
  • iPhone 5S and newer (iOS 12.5 and above)
  • Windows

The eduroam team publishes an app called geteduroam for Windows, Android and iOS devices. This app simplifies the installation of an eduroam profile and guarantees that the network access is secure and tamper-proofed.

  1. Download and install the geteduroam app from the respective app store
  2. In the app, search and select your institution
    If your organisation is not listed, it is either not a part of eduroam or it doesn't provide a profile. Consult the website of your organisation or contact their service desk for further information.
  3. Select the profile you'd like to install on your device
    The name of the profile varies between organisations. If multiple profiles are available, the website of your organisation will tell you which one to choose.
  4. Click on 'Next' to install the eduroam profile
  5. Connect to the 'eduroam' network in the wireless settings

Do not uninstall the 'geteduroam' app as this will delete the eduroam profile and remove your ability to connect to eduroam!


Option 2 - Download and install an eduroam profile from CAT

Works for

  • iPhone
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Not working for devices running Android. The eduroamCAT app is deprecated and should not be used anymore. Download the geteduroam app (Option 1) instead.

If the geteduroam app is not working correctly for your device and use case, you might be able to fetch an eduroam profile directly from the CAT website.

  1. Open the CAT website in a browser
  2. Click on the big blue 'Click here to download your eduroam installer' button
  3. Choose your organisation from the drop down list or type the name. If your institution is not listed, your organisation does not provide eduroam profile. Consult their website or service desk for further information
  4. [Optional] If there are several profiles, select the one best suited for you
  5. Push the 'eduroam' button to download the profile
  6. Click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on your device to finish the profile installation
  7. Connect to the 'eduroam' network in the wireless settings

Where can I eduroam?

To find a local eduroam hotspot near you visit the hotspot finder.

For Android and iOS, there is also the eduroam companion app. It documents the location of eduroam venues worldwide, allowing users to locate their nearest access location.

Where do I get support for eduroam?

eduroam not working for you?

If eduroam has been working for you in the past, first check if other visitors at your site are also having issues. If so, there might be a more general problem at this location.

If eduroam works for other visitors, the website of your university is the first place to consult. All organisations provide documentation on how you can setup eduroam on your device. If you have no success with those instructions, you might want to get directly in contact with the support desk at your university. In your ticket, always mention

  • What device you are using: Brand, Operating System, Version
  • How you have setup eduroam: geteduroam App, CAT, Manual
  • At what time you tried to use eduroam
  • What error message you are getting