eVA - eduroam Visitor Access


Wouldn't it be great if you could provide your visitors with internet access on your reliable and performant eduroam network? And get rid of your open guest network which might be less secure and prone for abuse as it lacks the possibilty to identify users?

Your institution receives many visitors each day: Research collaborators, guest lecturers, repairpersons, library walk-ins, conference and course participants. Providing them with internet access can be quite tedious and is prone to misuse.

With eVA you can create temporary eduroam accounts for visitors of your institutions. Subsequently, they can use the same secure and reliable wireless network 'eduroam' as your students and staff.

Both visitors and your institution can profit from this simple access to eduroam. The visitor can use a secure network and no longer depends on less secure (open) guest networks or other (unknown) Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity of the institution. And your institution knows exactly who is on its network and retains control.

 eVA is a web app developed by our sister organisation SURF, the Dutch NREN. It is used by several national eduroam federations across the globe. SWITCH is the operator of the eduroam network is offering this service to all its members.


How does it work?

Staff at your institution - for example at the reception - have access to an intuitive web portal which allows them to allocate a temporary eduroam-account to visitors. Once the account has been created, the visitor receives an email and/or SMS message containing their personal login details. These credentials can be used to setup the eduroam access manually or using the geteduroam app which is available for Android, iOS and Windows. The login automatically expires after a period of time defined by the institution.

There are multiple methods offered by eVA:

  • Self-Registration: Publicly display a keyword which is different every day. Visitors can send a SMS with this keyword to request their eduroam credentials.
  • Individual Accounts: Staff can create accounts for their personal visitors
  • Group Accounts: You don't know who will be attending your event? Your staff can create a list of unique credentials that can be handed out to the participants who can use them to connect to eduroam
  • Batch Accounts: For conference and course participants, staff of your organisation can create temporary eduroam-accounts in advance by simply uploading an Excel file on the web portal


We ask you to consider a few rules when letting your visitors onto the eduroam infrastructure

  • Visitors must have a link to your organisation
  • Access must be temporary for the duration of visit
  • Your organisation is responsible for the actions of your visitors


Please get in contact with us, we are happy to create an account for institution on eVA and further explain its use and advantages.