SWITCHaai Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the use of personal data by SWITCHaai participants in connection with SWITCHaai. While each of these organizations is obliged to take appropriate measures to ensure the protection of your data, SWITCH is not responsible for the privacy practices of the SWITCHaai participants in general or outside SWITCHaai.

How your personal information is used within SWITCHaai

Your Home Organization stores personal data about you. Some of it, the so-called Authorization Attributes, is used within SWITCHaai to control your access to protected resources of SWITCHaai participants. The use of these Authorization Attributes is subject to certain rules and regulations:

  • SWITCHaai bases on legal regulations already in force like the applicable data protection law. Participants in SWITCHaai can only act within these boundaries.
  • Moreover, all Home Organizations and Resource Owners have agreed to a common set of guidelines - the SWITCHaai Federation Policy is part of the SWITCH edu-ID Service Description - which describes the rules of good conduct and lists the legal regulations already in force.
  • Each SWITCHaai participant ensures that appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken against unauthorized or unlawful processing of your data. They also take precautions against its accidental loss or destruction.
  • Home Organizations release attributes only to SWITCHaai participants; and only those attributes requested by a particular Resource Owner.
  • Resource Owners may only request attributes that are relevant to their application.
  • Home Organizations are responsible to keep your personal data accurate.
  • The transfer of personal data from the Home Organization to the resource is encrypted.
  • In its function as the provider of central SWITCHaai Services, SWITCH neither receives, decrypts nor stores any of your personal data. In the role as owner of an AAI-protected resource, SWITCH underlies the same rules as any other resource owner.
  • SWITCHaai does not store any personal data as cookies in your browser.

Your Rights

  • According to the data protection acts you have the 'right of information' for your personal data. For details get in contact with your Home Organization.