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Home Organizations

Home Organizations are Switch edu-ID Participants (universities, universities of applied sciences, university hospitals, libraries and supporting organizations) that operate an Identity Provider.

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Web Resources

Web Resources are e-learning systems, web applications, e-journals, portals, e-shops and any other edu-ID-enabled systems. These Resources are operated by Switch edu-ID Participants, either by a institution from the Switch Community (e.g. a university) or a Federation Partner (e.g. a commercial company).

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Switch Community

The organizations from the Switch Community that participate in the Switch edu-ID Federation. For more information, see the Switch Community page.

List of Switch Community organizations participating in Switch edu-ID

Federation Partners

Federation Partners are organizations that do not belong to the Switch Community but which want to contribute to the Switch edu-ID Federation and which have signed the Switch edu-ID Federation Partner Agreement. See Federation Partner page for details.

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The Switch edu-ID specific committees were replaced by the Switch edu-ID Governance structure, according to the Switch edu-ID Service Description.

Switch edu-ID Team

The Switch edu-ID team leads and coordinates the Switch edu-ID federation, develops and operates the central Switch edu-ID services, defines policies and standards and provides support.

Switch edu-ID team