AAI Demo

The AAI Demo shows how AAI works live. Because AAI uses mainly the software Shibboleth, the demo will focus on Shibboleth only. You can start the demo yourself using a demo account from our test infrastructure.

Shibboleth (SAML2) Demo

Demo Account Information
Home Organisation:AAI Demo Home Organization

You may access the demo resource without further information. However, we suggest printing out the accompanying explanations first to gain technical insight while doing the demo.

Additional scenarios can be accessed here.

The following explanations serve an example based demonstration of the Shibboleth authentication and authorization process.
It covers the usage of session initiation via the Discovery Service, a username/password authentication and SAML2 (encrypted) attribute push.

The explanations come in three different levels of detail. For most people the medium level is suggested.

Simple Demo

Shows the basic concept and hides all technical details. Try simple demo

Medium Demo

Explains how things works technically. Try medium demo

Expert Demo

Aimed for the technically minded who want to understand all the details. Try expert demo