Your university login is the key to access hundreds of services

New to AAI?

About AAI introduces the concept of the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) SWITCH coordinates and operates for the Swiss higher education community.

The AAI Online-Demo helps to better understand how a user gains access to a service that makes use of SWITCHaai to authenticate.

Students as well as staff members of all these participating institutions can use their institutional login account to access the wide variety of services.

How to participate in SWITCHaai?

Swiss higher education institutions may participate as Home Organizations while third party institutions may join as SWITCHaai Federation Partner to AAI-enable their services.

Documentation and Support for System Administrators

Consult the installation and configuration guides and the support documentation to learn how to set-up and integrate the software components required to make use of SWITCHaai.

Check out the slides from former presentations on AAI.


Identity Provider Hosting

Interested to outsource operations and maintenance of the Identity Provider (IdP) to SWITCH?

SWITCH Identity Blog

SWITCHaai related hints as well as updates on the Swiss edu-ID project.