Who can participate in eduroam?

Any organisation that is part of the SWITCHcommunity or the extended ERI (Education, Research and Innovation)  community can become a member of the Swiss eduroam federation. This basically means if your organisation has something to do with research and/or education, you most likely qualify to participate.

Contact us if you are interested in joining or finding out if you are eligible to join the eduroam federation.

If you are a hotel, restaurant, shop, library, airport, venue and would like to provide eduroam as a valuable service for your clients and guests, you can become a SP without any costs. Additional information can found under Hotspots.

How does eduroam work?

eduroam authentication

When a user connects to an eduroam Wi-Fi hotspot, the home RADIUS server does the authentication, while the host institution does the authorization.

The RADIUS network ensures the correct forwarding of authentication requests from users and returns the result to the host institution's hotspot, where the authorization takes place. More information can be found on the eduroam wiki