eduroam is a secure (wireless) network available on thousands of campuses, libraries and public hotspots around the world. Students, researchers and staff typically have an eduroam profile installed on their devices that connects them automatically to the network whenever it is available.

For persons without an eduroam profile, the network cannot be used as anonymous connections are not possible. eVA - eduroam Visitor Access - enables those  persons to access the eduroam network temporarily after having successfully identified themselves.

There are multiple options how a user can get temporary eduroam credentials. These are described below.


Self-registration with a one-day password

 Organisation that are providing eduroam Visitor Access can broadcast a display with instructions and the password on their campus, for example at the entrance of their buildings, the reception desk or in the lecture halls. 

eVA - One-Day Password Screen\

The registration proccess is straight forward

  1. Visitors send an SMS with the keyword, `switch47` in this case to the mobile number shown on the screen
  2. They will immediately receive a SMS back containing their username and password
  3. Visitors can then connect to the eduroam network using these credentials