Occuring problems with the SWITCHtube Video Service will be listed below as soon as possible. If you think SWITCHtube is not running  correctly, please send an email with a describtion of your problem to tube-support@switch.ch


Today: System is running


History of issues (year to date):

Oct-26-17      Upload Problems

June-27-17    SWITCHtube system moved to a new server, temporarily not available

May-8-17       video uploads stuck because of full disk - uploads delayed

March-29-17  video uploads not possible until about 13:30 due to a problem with the credentials to access the ceph storage 

March-28-17  short serive interruption between 8:30 and 9:45am due to Ceph storage cluster update at data center Zurich.

March-15-17  short service interruption between 9:30 and 10:00am due to a problem at the data center in Lausanne

March-7-17    video uploads not woking due to a wrong configuration setting. Please upload the failed video files again.

Jan-3-2017    service interruption (90min) due to some hypervisor failures at the data center in Lausanne

Oct-24-16      short service interruption (30min) due to a power failure at the data center in Zurich

Oct-14-16      service not available due to a network problem. SWITCHtube is up and running again on Friday morning 08:26.

Sept-7-16      video upload and cast2 video playback service interrupted due to switch of servers 

May-30-16     restart of transcoding servers, rebuild of search index - upload of new jobs suspended and some jobs delayed 

May-12-6       overload of pipeplines due to lot of jobs on the SWITCHcast system - processing of the videos delayed

May-4-16       two times 5min interruption of service around 15h45 and 16h00 because of network problems

April-28-16    back to normal performance - a new cache feature was introduced for videos used in kiosk mode

April-19-16    back to normal performance - repeating requests to a particular video clip was removed

April-18-16    slow performance  - investigation ongoing