SWITCHtube - to publish and share academic videos

SWITCHtube is a web based video portal run by SWITCH to offer members of the SWITCH Community a safe, fast, and easy way to publish and share academic videos. With its servers located in Switzerland, the Service is intended to be an alternative to certain video-sharing services which do not comply with swiss privacy, safety and security standards.

  • Click on QuickGuide for a short introduction to SWITCHtube
  • Click on FAQ for frequent asked questions. If your question is not answered there write your question in an email to tube-support@switch.ch. If appropriate we are happy to also publish the answer to your question in this FAQ
  • Click on Video Tutorials to watch video clips explaining some basic functionality of SWITCHtube
  • If you want to get a more general documentation about the use of videos in higher education with lots of guidelines, templates and best practice examples, please click on the WhitePaper link.