The common-lib-terms Entitlement

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The entitlement value urn:mace:dir:entitlement:common-lib-terms for the eduPersonEntitlement attribute is a well-defined and widely accepted entitlement value. It is used for access to licensed content from information publishers (e.g. ScienceDirect, EBSCO, ...).

Use of the value

By flagging a user with entitlement urn:mace:dir:entitlement:common-lib-terms in the eduPersonEntitlement attribute, a home organization states that the user is eligible to get access to content at an information publisher.
The base for this is a contract between the home organization and the publisher. Namely the users with the following affiliations to a home organisation are included:

  • regular full-time faculty
  • staff
  • students


For a complete definition of common-lib-terms, refer to: