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AAI Agreements

Since the AAI legal framework was revised in 2012, only prospect SWITCHaai Federation Partners are asked to sign an agreement.

For organizations part of the SWITCH Community, participation in SWITCHaai is covered by the Service Regulations for Services by SWITCH and does not require any further agreement.
How to join SWITCHaai for the SWITCH Community

SWITCHaai Federation Partner Agreement

An organization interested to join SWITCHaai as Federation Partner has to sign the SWITCHaai Federation Partner Agreement.

How to join as SWITCHaai Federation Partner

AAI Polices and Specification Documents

SWITCHaai Service Description

Since February 2018, the Switch edu-ID Service Description replaces the former SWITCHaai Service Description from 2012 now deprecated.

Certificate Acceptance Policy

The Certificate Acceptance Policy defines which certificates are accepted for use within SWITCHaai.

More about certificate acceptance policy

Attribute Specification

The document "Attribute Specification for the Switch edu-ID Federation" sets the standard for attributes used in the Switch edu-ID federation.
Check out the list of attributes with their implementation status where you also find the link to the LDAP schema files in LDIF format.
Switch edu-ID Attribute Specification [42 pages]

VHO Policy

The VHO Policy specifies the Virtual Home Organization (VHO).
AAI VHO Policy [11 pages]

IdP Operators should consult 'The Standard Data Protection Clause' and further legal templates when preparing or reviewing their data protection and user regulations.

All AAI related legal templates

Interfederation related Documentation

Introduction to Interfederation

To get started with Interfederation in SWITCHaai, read first the following page. It includes links to deployment guides to enable an IdP or SP forInterfederation, that is registered in the SWITCHaai Federation.

Introduction to Interfederation - Interfederation Crash Course Slides

Approaches to Support International Research Communities in SWITCHaai

This position paper wrtitten by SWITCH suggests how to support international research communities in their effort to leverage federated identity management by participating in the SWITCHaai Federation.
Approaches to Support International Research Communities in SWITCHaai [6 pages]