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Name eduPersonNickname
Description Person's nickname
Vocabulary not applicable, no controlled vocabulary
References eduPerson
OIDC n/a
LDAP Syntax Directory String
# of values multi
Example values
  • Spike


Person's nickname, or the informal name by which they are accustomed to be hailed.


  • Most often a single name as opposed to displayName which often consists of a full name. Useful for user-friendly search by name. As distinct from the cn (common name) attribute, the eduPersonNickname attribute is intended primarily to carry the person's preferred nickname(s). E.g., Jack for John, Woody for Durwood, JR for Joseph Robert.

  • Carrying this in a separate attribute makes it relatively easy to make this a self-maintained attribute. If it were merely one of the multiple values of the cn attribute, this would be harder to do. A review step by a responsible adult is advisable to help avoid institutionally embarrasing values being assigned to this attribute by would-be malefactors!

  • Application developers can use this attribute to make directory search functions more "user friendly."

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