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Name swissEduIDAssuranceLevel
Description Attribute Quality Assurance
Vocabulary not applicable, no controlled vocabulary
References SWITCH edu-ID Attribute Quality
OIDC n/a
OID 2.16.756.
LDAP Syntax Directory String
# of values multi
Example values
  • mail:https://eduid.ch/def/loa2
  • homePhone:https://eduid.ch/def/loa1


Quality statements are made on attribute level. Multivalued attributes have only a single verification status. The SWITCH edu-ID attribute quality model is inspired by the eCH-0171 specification.

The following verification levels are supported by edu-ID:

1 - low, with loa-string: https://eduid.ch/def/loa1

Self-declared attributes by the user, on an online form of the SWITCH edu-ID web site.

2 - medium, with loa-string: https://eduid.ch/def/loa2

Requires an automated validation process. The user triggers a validation process that is programmatically executed on the SWITCH edu-ID IdP.

swissEduIDAssuranceLevel values are a concatenation of:
<attribute-name> ":" <loa-string>

where <atrribute-name> is one of the attribute names listed in SWITCH edu-ID Attribute Quality
and <loa-string> is one of the values listed above.

All attribute definitions in a single document: SWITCHaai Attribute Specification