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Name swissEduIDLinkedAffiliationMail
Description List of e-mail values of all current affiliations
Vocabulary not applicable, no controlled vocabulary
References mail
OIDC Claim: swissEduIDLinkedAffiliationMail
Type: JSON array
Scope: https://login.eduid.ch/authz/User.Read
OID 2.16.756.
LDAP Syntax IA5 String {256}
# of values multi
Example values
  • john.doe@unia.ch jdoe@unib.ch
  • john@unic.ch


The attribute contains all mail and swissEduPersonOrganizationalMail values of all current affiliations of an edu-ID account.

The order of the values is not defined.


To associate e-mail addresses from affiliations to their corresponding swissEduPersonUniqueID the extended attribute model SWITCH edu-ID Extended Attribute Model needs to be implemented. A service can then issue GET requests to the SWITCH edu-ID Affiliations API SWITCH edu-ID Affiliations API.

All attribute definitions in a single document: SWITCHaai Attribute Specification