AAI Introduction and Interfederation Crash Course

SWITCH did invite to an Interfederation Crash Course at Universität Bern on Friday afternoon 1. March 2013.
For AAI newcomers, SWITCH offered an optional SWITCHaai Introduction Course on the same morning.

The intended audience were IdP and SP administrators of institutions participating in SWITCHaai. Both courses were independent from each other.

What is interfederation and what's in for your users and services?

Interfederation occurs if a user from one federation accesses a service registered in another federation.

Interfederation is useful for home organizations to allow their users to access services registered in foreign federations and for service operators to allow access to users from foreign federations. So getting ready for interfederation means widening the scope of services available for your users or reaching out to more users for your services.

Have you read the article 'Let’s DOIT internationally!' in the SWITCH Journal from October 2012, pages 36-37?
It presents a first interfederation show case.

Program with Slides

SWITCHaai Introduction Course

All slides in a single PDF: SWITCHaai Introduction Course

Interfederation Crash Course

All slides in a single PDF: Interfederation Crash Course