Group Management Tool

The Group Management Tool (GMT) is an easy to install PHP web application that can be used to create and manage groups of Shibboleth users with custom roles in order to use them for access control and authorization.

By automatically generating Apache .htaccess files and/or Shibboleth XMLAccessControl files, the GMT can restrict access to web server directories or locations on the same host based on the unique ID of a Shibboleth user. Group, role and user information can also be queried by other hosts via PHP, Perl or Java modules coming with the GMT. This allows other applications to integrate the GMT's easy and straight-forward user management functions. No database is needed because the GMT stores all the information in easy to edit flat text files.

For a brief overview, have a look at this GMT presentation or clone the repoaitory and check the GMT documentation on the project web page.

Project Webpage

While you find a general description about the SWITCH Group Management Tool on this page, you might be more interested in the source code, bug reports, released version and other technical aspects. You find this all on the Group Management Tool project page.


The Group Management Tool code is published under a BSD license and provided "as-is". Go to the GMT Repository.