How can I mount my SWITCHdrive folder in a virtual machine?

You can access your data in SWITCHdrive from a virtual machine that you create on the the SWITCHengines infrastructure. The following how-to describes the steps:

Mounting from command line

  1. Install the WebDAV support using the davfs package. On Debian/Ubuntu, you can use:
    sudo apt-get install davfs2
  2. Reconfigure davfs2 to allow access to normal users (select Yes when prompted):
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2
  3. Add the users you want to be able to mount the share to the davfs2 group (where <username> of course is the user on your VM (for example ubuntu):
    sudo usermod -aG davfs2 <username>
  4. Edit /etc/fstab and add the following line for each user who wants to mount the folder (with your details where appropriate): /home/<username>/switchdrive davfs user,rw,noauto 0 0

Then, as each user who wants to mount the folder:

  1. Create the folders switchdrive/ and .davfs2/ in your home directory
  2. Create the file secrets inside .davfs2/, fill it with the following (with your credentials where appropriate): <username> <password>
  3. Ensure the file is only writable by you either through the file manager, or via:
    chmod 600 ~/.davfs2/secrets
  4. Run the command:
    mount ~/switchdrive
  5. To automatically mount the folder on login, add the command you used in step 4 to ./.bashrc

Known Issues

Problem: Resource temporarily unavailable

Solution: If you experience trouble when you create a file in the directory, edit /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf and add:

use_locks 0


Text is taken from the OwnCloud documentation