Why does the SSH login not work?

There can be several reasons why SSH login may not work, ranging from network port access to local conditions on your laptop. You may need to get help from your local IT support team for some of the potential reasons, but here are some important things to check that are relevant for your SWITCHengines VM.

  • Have you made sure that your machine is reachable and that port 22 is open? If so, great! If not, please click here and follow the instructions.
  • Still doesn’t work? Check that you have defined a public key to be stored on the VM during setup. If you already have a virtual machine running which has no functioning key assigned, you will unfortunately have to terminate that VM and set up a new one, creating or importing an SSH key during the initiating process. Here is a guide for creating/importing an SSH key.
  • Still having problems? Check that your private key has been stored properly locally and has appropriate permissions and file ownership. This will depend on your local working environment so you may have to check particular documentation and support for your specific system. Here is a guide for creating/importing an SSH key.