What is the username / password for my virtual machine?

For Linux / Cloud-Init Based Virtual Machines

When you launch a virtual machine that is cloud-init enabled, a default user will be created, and this user will have no password set. Instead, your SSH key is copied to the VM and you will be able to login to the machine via SSH using the default username. The default username varies between Operating Systems. Here are the usernames for our official images:

  • Ubuntu: ubuntu
  • Debian: debian
  • Rocky Linux: rocky
  • Centos: centos
  • Flatcar: core
  • Fedora: fedora

For example: 

ssh ubuntu@

where is the public IP adress that you have assigned to the virtual machine.

The reason for this behavior is that a pre-defined password would lead to inherently insecure virtual machines (as each VM ever launched would have the same default password)

For Windows Based Virtual Machines

Either: During the installation of a Windows Server you have to set a password for the enginesadmin accout

Or: Your image already comes with a predefined password

To access the Windows VM, use the RDP protocol and an RDP client or click here for a full guide.