Create SWITCHengines API Credentials

To use the SWITCHengines API, the OpenStack command line interface (CLI), OpenShift, Ansible, or other tools requiring API access (Rancher, ...), you need to create a SWITCHengines API Credentials.

The SWITCHengines API Credentials is a secret token, you can use to authenticate with the SWITCHengines API. This secret token is not the same as your SWITCH edu-ID password.

SWITCHengines API Credentials

The SWITCHengines Admin Interface allow you to create/update your API Credentials.


First, you need to login to

login information


Then, select Information on the dropdown menu

After that, select the Credentials tab on the User Info view as shown below. Then click on Issue New API Credentials

user info credentials


Check the two boxes which allows you to update the password.

IMPORTANT: You will be given a password which will be shown only ONCE. Write it down or store it in a password manager.

after ticked

Use the SWITCHengines API Credentials

Once you have created the SWITCHengines API credentials, you can use the secret token as a password for your OpenStack credentials (openrc file):

export OS_AUTH_URL=
export OS_PASSWORD=dc86b********************************************************************

export OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME=Default