Upate 1.4 - May-12-2016

  • New improved landing page - show & search content of own organisation
  • Presenters of SWITCHcast2 are listed in SWITCHtube to allow to search for them
  • Descriptions of SWITCHcast2 series and events are listed in SWITCHtube
  • Invited collaborators will get a banner notification when they login the first time to SWITCHtube (Admins don't need to re-invite them again)
  • As a producer you can add an episode value for natural sorting the video channel. If an episode value is found, the default sort order will become "by episode"
  • A collaborator to a video channel is able now to change viewing permissions and to add new collaborators to the video channel
  • You can switch between the total time and the elapsed time of a video by clicking on the time next to the progress bar
  • Hidden video clips in SWITCHtube do not have a link to its video channel (so users cannot see all the other hidden video clips)

Update 1.3 - Sept-7-2015

  • Full support of SWITCHcast2 multi tenant system - videos are harvested by the OAI-PMH feeds
  • SWITCHcast2 series and events are displayed in SWITCHtube as Video Channels and Video Clips
  • Producers can now download a csv-file containing all titles and URLs to the videos in a channel
  • SWITCHtube users can now go directly to an organisation's homepage

Update 1.2 - March-24-2015

  • As a producer you can now invite single users or a group of users to a video channel
  • A collaborator can now also manage a video channel
  • SWITCHtube is now a service and has a combined tariff with SWITCHcast