SWITCHdrive is a non-commercial cloud storage service for institutions of higher education in Switzerland.

SWITCHdrive makes it easy to synchronize data in the cloud across multiple devices or exchange data with others. 

All the data are stored and processed exclusively in SWITCH's two data centres in Zurich and Lausanne, which are connected to the national research and education network of SWITCH.

SWITCHdrive is your alternative with secure data storage in Switzerland and won't share any data or user details with third parties.

SWITCHdrive can be used by members of participating universities and offers a secure alternative to commercial cloud storage services. You can find a list or participating Institutions here

If your institution has subscribed to SWITCHdrive, you can register on https://cloud-id.switch.ch for SWITCHdrive and then login to SWITCHdrive on https://drive.switch.ch

You can also use SWITCHdrive when you have received a SWITCHdrive Voucher from a participating institution. See here for further details how to get a voucher and how to use it

A SWITCHdrive Client is a software or a device which is connected to your SWITCHdrive account.

You can connect to your SWITCHdrive account via Web-Client, Desktop-Client or Mobile-Client. Download the desktop and the mobile client from the Download section in this help section or by clicking the corresponding download buttons in your personal SWITCHdrive settings.

With both clients you can access your data on SWITCHdrive. 

Use the SWITCHdrive Web-Client when you want to access your data in a web browser. Just enter https://drive.switch.ch in the address bar of a browser and  login to your account.


The Web-Client allows you to see all your files in a browser window where you can do various actions to them (e.g. share them with others, rename or delete them). You can also open many files with an integrated file viewer (eg. pdf, jpg, mp4) or even edit some of them with an integrated web office tool OnlyOffice (eg. docx, xlsx, pptx). In case you need to restore a deleted file, to see different versions of a file, to create a custom-group or to see the activities of your files, you also need to do this in the SWITCHdrive Web-Client.


Use the SWITCHdrive Desktop-Client when you want that your files are automatically synchronised in the background. You can continue to work with your files which are stored locally and use your favorite application to edit them. Just continue to use the File Explorer or the Finder to access your files as before. Note that the files inside your swichdrive folder will receive small overlay icons to indicate that these files are synchronised to your SWITCHdrive account (The green icons for example tell you that they have been successfully synchronised to your SWITCHdrive account).



Whenever a file in your switchdrive folder is created, modified or deleted, the SWITCHdrive desktop client will detect these changes and automatically synchronises them to the SWITCHdrive servers and to all other SWITCHdrive clients. For a moment, the small overlay icons will turn blue while the changes are synchronised.,

Note that you can also create or modify files when there is no web-connection. As soon as the computer connects again to the web (and SWITCHdrive is running in the background!) all the changes will be automatically synchronised to the SWITCHdrive account and to the other clients.

To see the status of the SWITCHdrive Desktop client, to change some settings or to see the protocoll of synced and not synced items, double click the switchdrive app in the programs folder. You can also locate the small switchdrive icon ( drive-logo ) in the menu or status bar of your computer, then right click with your mouse on it and select "Settings" from the pop-up-menu. 

No, there isn't. With your Windows mobile device you'd have to use the web client through your browser.

The quota is 50GB for the accounts provided by your institution. It is up to your institution to allow you more space. Please refer to this page how to proceed.

Please get the latest client manually form here. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The WebDAV address is


You can find your personalised path if you login to https://drive.switch.ch and click on settings in the lower left corner.

Please be aware that the @ in your USERNAME, which is your email address, needs to be replaced by %40 to make it URL compatible. So example@switch.ch becomes example%40switch.ch.

Use your SWITCH Cloud Account login credentials.

Under Windows make sure that the service WebClient is started otherwise WebDAV does not work properly.

Make also sure you use https: and not just http: when connecting via WebDAV. 

You have to enter the server name https://drive.switch.ch if you want to use the native ownCloud client instead of the SWITCHdrive client.

At this moment the use of SWITCHdrive is reserved to Swiss Universities which have subscribed to this service (and may request to delete your account). But usually, you will be able to continue using SWITCHdrive using the SWITCH edu-ID, currently without any costs. In case that SWITCH terminates this offer or requests a fee, SWITCH would inform you at least 90 days in advance under the e-mail address that is connected to your account.

If you intend to terminate your connection to the SWITCHdrive system, you may log out of SWITCHdrive and simply not log back in again. You can still work with your local copies of the files stored on your computer but you cannot sync & share them any more.

The data stored on SWITCHdrive is hosted in the data centers of SWITCH which are located in Switzerland and connected to the academic network of SWITCH. Regarding treatment of data we are conform to the relevant Swiss law and regulations.

The data on the SWITCH servers is transferred encrypted using SSL. The mobile and desktop client software does not encrypt the data stored. If you wish to encrypt the client data, please use a 3rd party tool that handles encryption if your operating system does not. You may e.g. use password protected ZIP files.

Files in your SWITCHdrive folder that you delete (or that your collaborators delete!) are not removed immediately. They are moved to the Deleted-Files-Folder (=trashbin) of your SWITCHdive account and can be easily restored if needed. .

You can check the content of your trashbin when you open your switchdrive account in a browser, then click on the "Deleted-files" Folder in the lower left corner.

Deleted files remain in the trashbin for 90 days or 3 months. After that the files in the trashbin will be permanently deleted. It is then not possible any more to restore any file or folder.

If you wish to restore a file or folder from the trashbin, locate the data to be restored and click on the "Restore" icon. You can also mark more then one item to be restored.

If the original folder still exists then the restored data will be placed into its original location, otherwise it will be placed in the root of your switchdrive folder. You can then move it to a new location.


No, the user is responsible for the backup of his data. Of course we have a system-wide backup where we can restore the whole system in case of disaster but this cannot be claimed for individual restore requests.

Please be aware that the desktop client will synchronize the contents of a local folder with the server. This works not only fine for creating or modifying a file, but also for deleting a file. If you delete a file, it gets not only deleted on the SWITCHdrive server but also deleted on other clients that were syncing that file.

SWITCHdrive provides a personal trash-bin for deleted files which means deleted files can be brought back. This functionality is available for 90 days after the file was deleted. When this period is over, the file is permanently removed from the servers and cannot be restored any more.