SWITCHpki Meeting Slides

5th SWITCHpki RA Operator Meeting
(Berne, 29 March 2017)

OCSP and Signing Solutions [PDF 0.8 MB] Pascal Leu, QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG
OCSP Stapling [PDF 0.9 MB] Daniel Lutz, SWITCH
DANE, why we need it [PDF 1.8 MB] Daniel Stirnimann, SWITCH
Let's Encrypt @ Uni Basel [PDF 0.4 MB] Hanspeter Spalinger, University of Basel

4th SWITCHpki RA Operator Meeting
(Berne, 15 June 2010)

Issuing user certificates with QuoVadis Trust/Link [PDF 1.6 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
SuisseID: features and use cases [PDF 1.9 MB] RenĂ© Reinli, QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG
Root signing: requirements, terms and conditions [PDF 0.2 MB] Thomas Moretti, QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG
SWITCHpki long lived grid user certificates [PDF 0.8 MB] Alessandro Usai, SWITCH

3rd SWITCHpki RA Operator Meeting
(Berne, 1 October 2008)

SWITCHpki: Strategic Outlook [PDF 0.1 MB] Christoph Witzig, SWITCH
QuoVadis Group: Corporate Overview for SWITCH [PDF 0.8 MB] Roman Brunner, QuoVadis Group
Obtaining QuoVadis certificates from SWITCH - Products and Procedures [PDF 0.2 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
Grid certificates for users in Switzerland: Accrediting QuoVadis with EuGridPMA and IGTF [PDF 0.2 MB] Alessandro Usai, SWITCH
X.509 certificates for AAI: How to avoid common pitfalls [PDF 0.5 MB] Patrik Schnellmann, SWITCH

2nd SWITCHpki RA Operator Meeting
(Berne, 18 April 2007)

SWITCHpki Role and Strategy [PDF 0.8 MB] Christoph Witzig, SWITCH
SWITCHpki: a short review of the past year [PDF 0.4 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
Registration Authority at ETH Zurich [PDF 0.9 MB] Tolga Coban, Dieter Hennig, Michael Koloff, ETH Zurich
RA Basic vs. RA Extended: which one to choose? [PDF 0.8 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
SWITCHslcs, the new AAI-based short-lived credential service for Grid users [PDF 3.0 MB] Christoph Witzig, SWITCH
The new PostZertifikat: first hands-on experience [PDF 0.6 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
Name-based SSL virtual hosts: how to tackle the problem [PDF 0.5 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
EV certificates: is it really time to Go Green? [PDF 0.6 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH

1st SWITCHpki RA Operator Meeting
(Berne, 28 March 2006)

SWITCHpki: looking back and ahead [PDF 0.9 MB] Christoph Graf, SWITCH
SWITCHpki SSL certificates vs. $15 low-cost certificates from LiteSSL, RapidSSL & Co.: why assurance matters [PDF 1.3 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
Being/becoming a SWITCHpki RA operator: expectations, obligations and privileges [PDF 1.0 MB]
Updated version (Nov. 2016): The SWITCHpki RA Operator: role and responsibilities [PDF 990 KB]
Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
SCS: the new Server Certificate Service offering from SWITCH/TERENA [PDF 3.7 MB] Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
About SwissSign: New root keys and the ZertES certification [PDF 2.0 MB]
Christoph Graf, SWITCH
SwissSign vs. SCS certificates: which one is right for you? [PDF 0.5 MB]
Kaspar Brand, SWITCH
Experiences running a private PKI @ University of Zurich [PDF 0.4 MB]
Roberto Mazzoni, University of Zurich
Digitally signed reports and diplomas for the students of the University of Applied Sciences Berne (BFH) [PDF 0.3 MB]
Gerhard Hassenstein, Berner Fachhochschule
X.509 user certificates in the Grid world: current state and future directions [PDF 2.2 MB]
Christoph Witzig, SWITCH

SWITCHpki service launch (Berne, 23 March 2004)

[PDF 1.8 MB]