You need a SWITCH edu-ID Account. You can create one with your AAI-Login at

Go to https://eduid.chand login with your edu-ID password. There you can set your password. If you choose a new password, remember to update this password in all your clients that connect to SWITCHdrive.

As a SWITCHdrive user you can access the service using a web client, desktop and mobile applications. AAI is supported very well for the web client login. On the other hand there is currently no user-friendly AAI integration for the desktop and mobile applications. Therefore we are offering access to SWITCHdrive ith the SWITCH edu-ID Account.

With this account it is also possible to use webDAV and future cloud services, which would not be the case if an AAI-Login would be used.

In most cases, you may just have missed the last step in the onboarding process, which is the registration for this service. If you see the error message that the login has failed, just click the blue link in the error message to register SWITCHdrive. Then try again to login. If this still fails, get in contact with the SWITCHdrive support.

Click here for a detailed description how to register SWITCHdrive.