Server Upgrade to Version 10.5

The following new features and bug-fixes are available in this version:

1. Direct shares with expiration date

You can now add an expirated date to direct or private share. Previously, expiration dates were only available for public shares. When an expiration date of a direct shares is reached the share will automatically be removed without any notice to the user who has received the share. 
To set an expiration date click on the cogweel icon (1) to open the sharing permission. Add (or change) the expiration data (2). Note that a share with an expiration data gets a small clock indicator next to the cogwheel icon.


2. Redesign of the sharing sidebar panel

When you search for another SWITCHdrive user, the list of matching users shows also the email address of the user  in gray. We still recommend to search a user by just entering the firstname and the last name of a user (see screenshot on the left), and then pick the correct entry from the list of users. If you enter an email address (see screenshot on the right), always select the "User" entry and not the "Federated" entry, unless you want to share your data by a Federated cloud-ID (for example with a Polybox user at ETHZ). 


3. Improved Sharing Information in already shared folders

SWITCHdrive users are now better able to recognize already shared datain the Web-Client by a small, gray overlay indicator on file and folder icons. 
In the sample below, the parent folder containing Project A,B and C has already been shared, that is why all Project folders icons show the gray overlay indicator. Project B was in additon marked as favorite (yellow star) and was also shared by public link, indicated by a chain icon. Project C was also further shared with a direct or private link, indicated by the connected dots in the folder icon. 
sharingIconsThis gray overlay indicators are  only shown to the share owner (that means the user who created the share) as other share recipients are not entitled to get detailed information about who else has access to a share.

4. File Locking in the Web Interface

User can now manually lock a file while editing it in order to prevent concurrent changes from other users. While a file is locked, other users can still access it but they can not make any changes to it. File locks will also be respected by the Sync Client, meaning local changes to a locked file cannot be synchronised to the SWITCHdrive server until the lock is removed. Please read the corresponding FAQ how file locking is working, when to apply and when to avoid it.


Note: Locked files can only be unlocked by the lock owner. To prevent files being locked infinitely, file locks set in the web interface will automatically expire after 30 minutes. 

 5. OnlyOffice changes

There is now a Zotero Plugin available in OnlyOffice. Open an office document in the Web-Client and click on the menu item "Plugins". A Zotero panel is displayed on the left. Click on "Reconfigure" at the bottom to setup the Zotero configuration. You need to login to your Zotero account to setup this configuration. Once configured, you can search for keywords and  the Zotero search box and automatically insert the references with the selected style and language into your document.

zotero1You can now add users to co-edit a document or change their access rights while working on a document. Click on the red marked icon in the menu bar of OnlyOffice to display the sharing dialog of SWITCHdrive without closing your current edit session.


  • Pending federated shares are now also shown in the "Shared with you" tab and can be accepted/declined

  • Folder download via the web interface now works in macOS Catalina.


Server Upgrade to Version 10.3.2

The following new features and bug-fixes are available in this version:

1. All standard SWITCHdrive Users will get 100 GB Cloud Storage 

With this new SWITCHdrive version all standard users will get a cloud storage (=quota) of 100 GB. Users who already have higher quota may get a quota adjustment to the next 100 GB level. You can check your current quota in the SWITCHdrive Web-Client: 

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 14.23.52Open your personal settings by clicking the small white triangle (1) in the top right corner. Select the first entry "Settings" from the drop down menu. In the "General" section (2) you will can see a bar (3) indicating your currently used and your total available cloud storage.


2. Support of OAuth2

SWITCHdrive supports OAuth2, a new authorisation mechanism which exchanges secure access tokens between clients and web applications like Moodle, Ilias, OLAT and others. This way data on SWITCHdrive can be accessed by 3rd party applications without exchanging user passwords, which significantly improves access security. 

When you login to your SWITCHdrive desktop client with OAuth2 activated, a browser window will pop up. You will be asked for authorisation to access your data. Click on the "Authorize" button to agree with this procedure, then close the browser window.

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 13.32.37

With OAuth2 you can use links to SWITCHdrive files and folders inside your LMS application so when you modify your data, it will immediatly become available also in your LMS application.

3. New Media Viewer / Media Player

A new improved Media Viewer is now available, which replaces both the Video Player app and the Gallery app. The Media Viewer app supports many common image and video formats. Please note that some special image formats may not be supported by your browser.

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 12.07.08

Clicking on an video or on an image opens the slideshow view which sets the background of the window into a dark gray color. Clicking anywhere in the background will close the media viewer and displays the current folder content.

To play or stop a video click on the play / stop button. Note the red time bar (1) above the control section. You can move it to the left or to the fight to change the playing position of the video. Click the icons in the center of the control section to set the video to Full-Screen (2), or to turn ON/OFF the audio. Clicking the two icons on the right of the control section lets you dwonload the current video or to close the media viewer (3).

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 12.05.17

To easily browse through your media files. just click on the the tiny left or right arrow (1) icons (or simply swipe through them). If the displayed media is an image, a rotate icon and two loupe icons are displayed so you can rotate it or zoom in or out of it (2).

The media viewer app is also optimized for mobile support, so you can enjoy to view your images and videos also on mobile devices.


  • Versions of Files are available again. Because of a security vulnerability in the previous version of SWITCHdrive, the version-app had to be temporarily blocked.

  • The web-office tool (OnlyOffice) was updated to the latest version which contains fixes to many known bugs. For a detailed list of new features and bug-fixes, see the changelog of OnlyOffice here

Known Bugs:

  • Downloads with the Web-Client creates tar-files which cannot be opened in OSX-Catalina. Use the Sync-Client to create sync-copies of your files in your local harddisk so you don't need to download them.



Server Upgrade to Version 10.2.1

The following new features and bug-fixes are available in this version:

1. Notifications about SWITCHdrive events  

SWITCHdrive is now sending out emails with a summary of events that happened to your files on SWITCHdrive. You can define in your personal switchdrive settings if you want to receive such emails or not. Scroll down and also define how often you want to receive such emails and if the events to your files should also be added to the Activity stream. Note that you can only see the last 7 days of events in your Activity stream, so if you want to keep a log file about all the changes to your files, keep receiving these notification emails and store / filter them accordingly.

Screenshot 2019-08-26 at 11.16.15

2. New sharing options in your personal SWITCHdrive settings

You can now define if you want to automatically accept all incoming local user shares or not. In previous SWITCHdrive versions this was always the case, but some SWITCHdrive users prefer to get an information first before precious local storage space is used for such shares. You can now also hide your name in the SWITCHdrive address book if you do not want to be found by other SWITCHdrive users.

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 11.15.38

To change these sharing options, open the web-client and go to your personal settings by clicking on the tiny triangle in the top right corner (1). On the left, click the Sharing section (2) and then on the right activate or deactivate the new sharing options (3). We recommend to keep both sharing options activated.  Deactivate them only if you have good reasons to do so! 

When the first sharing option is NOT activated, you will get a notification whenever a new user share arrives. You can then accept or decline such a user share in the web client or in the desktop client. 

In the desktop client, right-click on the small SWITCHdrive icon ( drive-logo ) and select the Settings menu option. Then go to the activity section. Under "Server Activity" (1) you can see who shared something with you and who is the owner of the shared data (2). Accept or decline this incoming share (3). If you decide to decline the share, you can accept it anytime later by selecting the menu option "Shared with you" in the web-client.

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 11.37.02

In the web client, a small bell with a red dot ( Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 10.55.11 ) will be displayed in the top right corner of your browser window. Click on it to open a sharing dialog. Note the name of the switchdrive user who shared the folder wtih you and the name of the user who owns the shared data (2). Then click on one of the two buttons to accept or decline the share.

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 11.50.34


3. New sharing option with public links

In the SWITCHdrive version you can now create a public link with "Download/View/Upload" permission. Users can allow recipients to view, download and add files, but they cannot make any changes to the files (e.g., rename, move or edit files). This new permission can be regarded similar to a public file drop folder, but in contrast to the existing FileDrop option, recipients can also view and download existing data that is stored in the folder.

Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 14.21.20

4. New Sharing Options for Office Documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)

When sharing office documents to collaborators you can select now three new permissions. Note that they only appear when you uncheck the “edit” permission. They are mutually exclusive, so you can only apply one of them at the same time:

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 15.49.20

  1. Select the review permission when you want to allow your colla they can suggest, accept, and reject changes, but can’t make normal edits. You can gather their contributions without losing clarity who wrote what. This makes for a great collaboration workflow.
  2. With the form filling permission, you can ask your collaborators to fill out forms, but they can’t change anything else in the document. Use the OnlyOffice content controls to create a form or to protect some parts of the document from being edited or deleted.
  3. Select the comment permission when you want your collaborators to only add comments and view the comments created by others. This also works with spreadsheets (.xlsx) and presentations (.pptx)


5. Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this new version of SWITCHdrive:

  • The versions of a document are now always displayed correctly in the web client. This was not always the case in previous versions, especially when a folder was shared with others, the owner of a document could not always see the versions (although they were always correctly stored on the SWITCHdrive servers). 

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