What is new in SWITCHdrive

Server Upgrade to Version 9.0.10

New Trashbin setting

Deleted files and folders will stay in your trashbin for exactly 90 days, independent of the quota you have already used. Deleted files will not be removed automatically any more when the free space is getting low. However, any file or folder which is older than 90 days will be permanently removed from the trashbin.
If you need to restore a file or folder, you have to do this within 90 days! To restore an item from your tashbin, open the folder "Deleted files" and locate the file or folder you want to restore. Click on the restore link to restore it. Note: You can also immediatly remove any file or folder from the trashbin by clicking on the three-dot-submenu and selecting "Delete". 


Picture Gallery

The Foto Gallery is now working fine and will show all jpg, gif and png pictures with thumbnails. Please allow some time for SWITCHdrive to create the thumbnail images of all the pictures in your folders on SWITCHdrive. Therefore, when you select the picture gallery for the first time, you may experience some waiting time before you can open any subfolder. When you select the picture gallery later again, opening any subfolder will be much faster.

Integrated video player

mp4 and m4v video clips will now play in the integrated video player of the SWITCHdrive web client when you click on the file. You can still download the video files by pressing the three-dot-submenu and selecting "Download"

New side pane

Versioning and sharing are now displayed in a separate pane on the right side of your browser. This allows you to get a better overview of your shares that you have created and of the versions of a file.

To open the side pane on the right click behind the file- or foldername, or click on the small share icon or click on a share link.

a) the side pane on the right of the browser displays all the shared users

b) to see the versions of a file, open the side panel or click on the three-dot icon and select "Details". In the side pane click on the link "Versions". All the versions of the files are displayed in the side plane, with the newest version on top.



Server Upgrade to Version 8.1.12

Drop Folder

In the settings of the webclient (https://drive.switch.ch/index.php/settings/personal) you can define a File Drop folder where people can upload files but do not see what others have uploaded to this folder.

Video playback bug resolved

Videos now playback even when placed in a subfolder.

Server Upgrade to Version 8


This SWITCHdrive release brings much improved performance in the areas of syncing, file operations and dealing with parallel requests. Automatic database, trash and version cleanups don't cause system wide slow-downs anymore.

Get at your files faster

SWITCHdrive Server 8 introduces favorites support and much improved search functionality, enabling users to have quick and easy access to important files without having to navigate through all their data. 

Web interface enhancements

File sync and share has become dominant as a form of ad-hoc collaboration because it is simple to understand, easy to use, and just works. For this reason, the accessibility and usability of the SWITCHdrive interface has been improved to make it easier for all users to access, edit, sync and share their files.


  • File meta data like sharing or favorite state is preserved when files are deleted and undeleted
  • User avatars are shown in sharing dialogs
  • webDAV browser is disabled (webDAV access only through deticated webDAV clients)
  • Downloaded folders can be opened on Mac without installing 3rd party software anymore