How to register for SWITCHdrive

You can also watch a video tutorial here!

Step 1

Go to, log in with your SWITCH edu-ID* and register for SWITCHdrive.

* If you don't have a SWITCH edu-ID you can create one by pressing the "Create account" button on the login screen.

Picture 2: Login or create a SWISS edu-ID

Step 2

After login you will have to register SWITCHdrive. Therefore click on the blue button* "Register for SWITCHdrive".

*If the button is red, you have not linked your SWITCHaai Account to your SWITCH edu-ID or your institution has not registered SWITCHdrive and you can not use it. You find a list of participating institutions here.

Picture 2: Register for SWITCHdrive

Step 3

Please check the checkbox to accept our Terms and Conditions of SWITCH and press "Register".

Picture 3: Register SWITCHdrive

All done!

When successfully registered, you are able to use SWITCHdrive through the webbrowser or with a local client (download here).

You can use your SWITCH edu-ID credential to login to SWITCHdrive.

Picture 4: All done!