A mobile client is a dedicated SWITCHdrive app for mobile devices, for example iPads, iPhones, Android-tablets and Android-phones. You can download the SWITCHdrive mobile client from the app-stores of Apple or Google. Just search for the "switchdrive" app in their app-stores or open your personal switchdrive settings in a browser and click the appropriate app button:


It is easy to access your data on SWITCHdrive with a mobile device (for eample an iPad, an iPhone or an Android device). Download the SWITCHdrive-App from the corresponding App-Store or from the Play-Store.

If you don't need to modify the shares of your data, you can also install a 3rd party app like "Documents" from OnlyOffice or from Readdle which have additional features. For example, the Documents-app of Readdle lets you configure several cloud services side by side and allows you to full synchronise any folder in your SWITCHdrive account to the mobile device, besides many other nice features.

The Documents-app of OnlyOffice lets you also modify office documents right on your mobile device and store the changes back to your SWITCHdrive account. 

Follow these instructions to configure the WebDAV connection in such 3rd party applications:

1. Open a web browser and login to your switchdrive account. Then click on the Settings icon to display your switchdrive stettings. 

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 10.49.19

2. Locate the WebDAV's address box and copy the entire content of this text box to your clipboard.

3. Go to your 3rd party app and locate the WebDAV configuration. For example, in the Documents-app of OnlyOffice, you have to click on the samll "Clouds" icon at the bottom and then to click on the WebDAV entry on the left.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 11.06.484. In the WebDAV configuration box, paste the just copied WebDAV address to the Server entry, add your login name and your password and click on the Next button.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 12.03.34

You can now access all your files in your SWITCHdrive account also on your mobile device.

The WebDAV address looks like this:


You can find your personalised path if you login to https://drive.switch.ch and click on settings in the lower left corner.

Please be aware that the @ in your USERNAME, which is your email address, needs to be replaced by %40 to make it URL compatible. So example@switch.ch becomes example%40switch.ch.

Under Windows make sure that the service "WebClient" is started otherwise WebDAV does not work properly.

Make also sure you use https: and not just http: when connecting via WebDAV. 

To access your SWITCHdrive data on a mobile device, you can also create a dedicated app password that is only used by your mobile devices.

The great advantage of using such app passcodes is that you can create them easily, but also delete them quickly. If for example when you loose your mobile device you could login to your SWITCHdrive account and immediately delete the app passcode. From this moment on your mobile device won't be able to access your data in your SWITCHdrive account any more.

When creating app passcodes for your mobile devices, you can also keep your SWITCH edu-ID password unexposed to these mobile devices.  

To create a new app passcoce, use the SWITCHdrive Web-Client and open the Security section in your personal settings. Scroll down until you see the App passcode section. In the example below, only one passcode with name "iPad" exists.

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 13.53.37

To create a new app passcode, enter a new app name and click on the button "Create new app passcode".

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 14.07.54

Take you mobile device and enter the Username and Password to access your data with your mobile device. Once the mobile device is connected, click the Done button. The Username and Password will disappear and there is no way to show this password again. If you have lost your password or have made a typing error, recreate a new passcode from scratch.

For Android devices, click here for the mobile user manual of ownCloud (and click here for the latest Release Notes).

For iOS devices, there are two versions of mobile clients and of user manuals available:

For the new iOSX client click here. (This new iOS client is recommended for new mobile devices running iOSX V11 or later and was completely redesigned in spring 2019) 

For the legacy iOSX client, click here (and click here for the latest Release Notes).

On Android devices you click on a file and check the box 'Keep file up to date'.

On iOS devices you have to tap on the ­ to keep it synchronized.

You can prevent SWITCHdrive to use mobile data. This is useful if you are on a data plan that does not allow unlimited data tranfer.

On Android devices go to Settings->Data usage and then choose SWITCHdrive and check 'Restrict background data'

On iOS devices got to Settings->Cellular and scroll down to SWITCHdrive and swipe the slider off. If SWITCHdrive is missing in that list, you have to use SWITCHdrive first while on a mobile data network. As soon as some data has been transfered over a mobile data network, SWITCHdrive will be shown on that list.

To edit office documents on your iPad (Word, Excel and Powerpoint), we recommend to use the Documents app of OnlyOffice. 

Follow these steps to edit your files on an iPad: 

1. Open the app store and search for the ONLYOFFICE Documents app. Click it to install it to your device 


2. Connect to your switchdrive account via WebDAV (see here for more details)

3. Click on the switchdrive entry under MY CLOUDS and navigate (1) to the file you want to edit. Let's assume you want to edit the file Agenda.docx in the folder "Project C". When you have found the file, briefly touch it with your finger to open the file.


 4. Start editing your file (3). Some editing options can be found above the keyboard and when you click  the icons in the top right corner (4). When you are done editing your file, close it by clicking on the folder icon (5).

editdoc35. Depending on the speed of your web-connection, it can take some moments until the updated file is available in your switchdrive web-client. Please reload the web-page until the edited file shows the correct data and time (6). Any previous existing file versions are available under "Versions" (7).


Yes, this is possible with the OnlyOffice app "Documents", however only with a little "detour". Because you want to work offline with your file, you need to store a copy of your file to the local folder of the OnlyOffice app first and then do the offline editing.

Follow these steps

1. Open the Documents.app of OnlyOffice and click on the "Clouds" icon (1). Under MY CLOUDS click on your switchdrive account (2). Navigate to the file you want to edit offline (in this example, let's edit the file "Agenda.docx" in folder "Project C")


2. Touch the file "Agenda.docs" with your finger and keep your finger on the spot for a moment until the pop up menu appears (4). Don't just briefly touch the file, which will open it. You can also slide with your finger to the left to open a quick menu (5) with options"More", "Rename" and "Delete"). Click on "More" to open the popup menu and select the Copy command (6).


3.  Choose the destination folder to which you want to copy the file. In our example you need to select "On iPad" (7), because then the file is also available when you are offline. 


4. Click on the "On iPad" icon (8) to show the local files stored on your iPad. Note that the copied file appears in the local Documents folder (9). You can now edit this file even if you do not have any internet connection. 


5. After editing your file don't forget to upload it again to your switchdrive account. Of course you need to have internet connection to do so. We recommend to move the file bakc to the switchdrive account so there is no confusion which version of the file is the most recent one.