Terms and Conditions of Service

SWITCH edu-ID Service Description

The Service Description defines the concept and regulations for end users who use the SWITCH edu-ID service as well as the regulations for organisations and service operators that participate in the Switch edu-ID Federation. It consists of the following documents: Switch edu-ID Service Description, Switch edu-ID Service Description for Service Providers, IdP Hosting Contract.

All Documents are available in English, French and German and can be downloaded here:

https://swit.ch/eduidTerms (requires edu-ID Login)

SWITCH edu-ID Terms of Use (ToU)

The Terms of Use are an extract of the Service Description and are inteded to be read by end-users.
They contain in addition a summary of the changes since the last version and a short abstract with some important points at the beginning.

Users have to accept the Terms of Use before beeing able to use the SWITCH edu-ID service.

The current version of the ToU is availabe in DE, EN, FR and IT at https://eduid.ch/web/tou/