Technical guides and APIs

The SWITCH edu-ID service currently supports various programming interfaces:

Name Description
Tools API Various helper functions around the edu-ID
SCIM API With this API organizations can add, edit and remove current affiliations for their members (this API is currently under development), and also manage the private edu-ID of users
Shared attribute API An API to set and remove entitlements or membership attributes for users. (This API may be merged in the groups resource of the SCIM API in the future)


The SCIM API and the Shared Attribute API are specified according to the SCIM specification. They implement a subset and extensions of SCIM 2.

SCIM defines a core schema for user resources, which has been extended. The attribute set in SWITCH edu-ID is mostly inherited from the AAI federation. Since most of the AAI-attributes cannot be mapped to the SCIM core user schema or the enterprise user extension, a specific extension for edu-ID is required.

For the purpose of SWITCH edu-ID the new SCIM resource type Affiliation has been defined. It is able to represent an organizational identity as affiliation of edu-ID.