The purpose of the SCIM API is to create, query and modify edu-ID identities. It specifies the following SCIM resources.


Use the affiliations resource to read, create and modify current affiliations of edu-ID identites (attribute push).

The main purpose of the affiliations API is to connect to university identity management systems, an allow them to directly manage affiliations of their members.


Use the users resource to query the personal part of edu-ID identities or to manage technical accounts.

The main purpose of the users API is get additional information of their members which is managed by them in their personal base identity, like the ORCID identifier or the public SSH key.

To use the Users API an organization must be legally authorized. It is only allowed to access to data of their members, and it must obtain permission from their members to read and further process personal data. Acccess to the Users-API is only granted to organizations that are legally authorized to do so.


The groups API corresponds to the groups resource of the SCIM API.

This API is not yet implemented.

The edu-ID SCIM-Group API allows services to manage groups and group memberships. As a temporary alternative, the shared attributes API can be used.