Identity Management Processes


The edu-ID service covers the following identity management processes:

Process Description
Account creation A user creates an account
Account update A user updates her account details
(affiliation creation)
(affiliation removal)
A member leaves the organization
Affiliation update The organization changes attributes or the status of a member
Duplicate resolution Detection and resolution of duplicate edu-ID accounts
Temporary affiliation blocking A user organizational membership link is temporarly disabled
Password management Setting, re-setting the password for the federated login
Two step login setup Setting up multi-factor authentication for federated login
Account deletion An edu-ID account is removed

Depending on the requirements of universities, more processes or features may be added in the future like:

  • Personal user data is updated based on external source (i.e. another university, SwissID, governmental e-ID)
  • Identity check: edu-ID (or a third party) vets the identity of a user