swisscovery (SLSP)

swisscovery factsheet for universities (EN, DE, FR)

Registration for the swisscovery service

  • If you are already a member of a library or library network you will get information by your library on how to proceed.
  • The registration for swisscovery requires a SWITCH edu-ID account. 

  • If you have already a SWITCH edu-ID account, then use this account for registration at swisscovery - don't create duplicates!
  • If you do not yet have a SWITCH edu-ID account, then you are asked to create one during registration for swisscovery.
  • During registration for swisscovery, you may have to add additional information to your SWITCH edu-ID account, i.e. postal address, date of birth and phone number.
  • Your personal information as well as information about your active affiliations with universities will be transferred to swisscovery and be updated regularly to guarantee smooth operation of swisscovery. You are asked to give your consent to this data transfer and updates.
  • At the end of registration you will get a success notification of swisscovery in your browser window.

swisscovery help page / FAQs

You don't use swisscovery any longer?

If you no longer need acces to swisscovery, then please contact your library and ask them to delete your swisscovery user data.
Deleting user data in will NOT affect access to other services that are accessible with your SWITCH edu-ID account.


You don't need your SWITCH edu-ID any longer?

Please notice that the deletion of a SWITCH edu-ID account contradicts its pupose for lifelong use in relation to academic education/research and national services!

You can delete your edu-ID account if you have no active affiliation with a university.
The deletion of your SWITCH edu-ID account will affect access to all services using SWITCH edu-ID login (including swisscovery).